Your very own home theatre

Our home theatres bring big screen movie experiences to your home. From the roaring bass of jets to the subtle nuances of the sounds of nature, our engineered designs and implementations invigorate your senses.


It is our challenge to create an electronic system and a well designed room that can deliver the film as the producer intended.

To create this experience, we take into consideration the room, the functionality of the space, acoustical issues, and more importantly your views on what you would like.


We then design the space to deliver a totally unique and awesome home theatre experience in your home. Being involved from the design process through the final programming of a home theatre provides an experience that will make your neighbors envious.


Our decades of design and engineering experience, the quality of our integration, custom programming, and our skilled technicians build reliable, high performance home theatres.


The theatre experience is not limited to a dedicated theatre. The electronic and acoustical solutions we provide deliver the theatre feeling and sensations into multi-purpose rooms, like living and lounge rooms. Bright displays, in-wall speakers with directional drivers, motorised curtains, and lighting control provide a turnkey theatre system for your home.


Our home theatre technology is powerful enough to bring the visual and auditory experiences of a theatre system to life, yet is elegant enough to blend into the fabric of your daily life.


We recognize the special care and attention to detail needed when building your dream home theatre system.

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