Awesome Kitchens

Kitchens are used for so much more than just cooking and storing food, they are also often the best spot in the home to entertain and the place where much of family life takes place. That’s why a kitchen design should adapt to suit your household, reflecting both function and style. In the UK, space is often a premium and so some of us have to work with a small kitchen, but whatever size and space you’ve got to work with, Awesome Interiors can create a perfect kitchen for you.

Here at Awesome Interiors we don’t just design and install beautiful bespoke kitchens which  have absolute functionality along with great aesthetics.

We can actually bring your new kitchen to life!!

Our expertise with the very latest in lighting and lighting control systems means we can transform the look and feel of your new kitchen beyond your wildest dreams! Creative use of  Led plinth lights, Led panels, Pendant, fibre optic and accent lights means we can create an absolutely breath-taking as well as functional look to your kitchen.  All of the lighting can be switched on/off or dimmed via your traditional wall switches, or we can hook them up to a dedicated hand held remote control. Alternatively we could also link the lighting to your Smart phone or Tablet which will give you ultimate control.

We are also extremely skilled within the audio visual sector. This means we can integrate the latest speaker and sound systems into your new kitchen. We offer speakers that can be installed in walls and ceilings and we also offer speakers that are completely invisible!!  No wires! No speaker grills.

Blu-tooth technology is not left out either; we can integrate extremely small Blu-tooth amplifiers along with Blu-tooth speakers that give incredible sound. All of this can also be linked into your Wi-Fi network which will allow you to control not only lighting but all your favourite albums too, all from your Smart devices.

We also have some amazing technology such as motorised pop up sockets which we can install in your worktops or cabinets. These incorporate 240v sockets, USB charging along with integrated Blu-tooth

You may wish to incorporate  a TV , we have standard type wall / cabinet brackets for your TV whatever the size, or you may want a motorised TV popping out or the work surface. Maybe a TV that drops down from within the kitchen cabinets would suit you better. The possibilities are endless.

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