Lighting & Controls

Put your home in beautiful light with an affordable system from Awesome Interiors. Our quality products are highly reliable and rich in features usually found only in high-end systems including options for security, thermostat control, sprinklers and other automation products.

  • Imagine coming home to a safe home with lights already on.
  • Imagine leaving your home for a holiday and not having to worry about lights left on and lights automatically coming on/off as if you were still there.
  • Imagine lying in bed and hearing a noise, having the ability to turn all lights on in your home, except for your master bedroom lights.
  • Imagine using one button to turn certain lights on/off for an event.
  • Imagine increasing your light bulb life with our preset dimming capability.
  • Imagine saving Energy and reducing your utility usage with our preset dimming capability.
  • Imagine monitoring lights that are on/off in your children's environment.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, we have a lighting solution that fits. From lamps to LED’s we have a vast range for you to choose from. Controls from Lutron, Rako and Siemens help Awesome Interiors integrate a perfect solution for your home

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