Awesome Electrical

We offer a complete electrical service for your new kitchen

bedroom or bathroom project

We have the very latest in sockets & switches complete with USB charging,through to motorised pop up sockets.  Take a look at some of our other options below.

The motorised pop up unit from Awesome Interiors is a high end product designed for use in kitchens, static homes, caravans, motorhomes, hotels, bedrooms and much more. The pop up system is currently the only one-touch fully motorised pop up system on the UK market.

The motorised unit includes an anti-trap safety feature, so if someone leaves an object on the travel patch whilst it is lowering, it will automatically stop and raise again after three seconds. It also features an IP65 seal on the base.

A UK socket is incorporated, and a USB socket capable of charging up to 2.1A, useful for charging smart phones or tablets. The socket top also features flashing LED lights when the unit is in motion for added wow factor.

We also have the option to incorporate a Blu-tooth speaker system within the unit! Awesome!!!

The socket is easy to fit or retro-fit, and fits flush to work surfaces.

Wireless Charging On A Different Level

Our QI charge system allows charging of any QI-capable device without cables on a single charging station. By installing below the desk or work surface makes the charger invisible. Simply place phone or tablet to be charged on the work surface – pure minimalism.

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