Six remote controls just to watch a movie!

Ok,so you just got a brand new Blu-ray player, that’s great news. That means you’ll soon be enjoying the best Hollywood has to offer.

It also means you’ll have another remote control on your coffee table. How many does that make, now? Five? Six? It doesn’t have to be that way.


Select a remote control solution from Awesome Interiors and you’ll soon be controlling your TV, Blu-ray, sound system and satellite box from one simple to use remote control. And for a lot lower cost than you might imagine.


We can even use your smart phone or tablet to control your system. Less fuss, too. For common home systems you can be up and running in minutes thanks to our Quick Set-up option. We can pre-program your new remote, so it works straight away without any hassle.

So if you are looking to replace all of those old remotes with one, look no further.


We also have the perfect remote control solution for your dedicated home theatre system. With simple and intuitive to use functionality, Wi-Fi, RS 232 and Infra Red connectivity we are sure to have the right remote for you.

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